A First Race on the New Bike

So this is a picture of the new bike, almost exactly as it was used in the race last night.  It is a criterium type race, but not very technical, a flat course and not terribly conducive to splitting up the field.  Anyways, yesterday I was racing to keep the pace high, both to avoid crashes and because sometimes it’s fun to go quickly even if it isn’t the wisest thing to do if you’re interested in placing as well as possible.  Well, after doing a significant amount of work in the first 30 minutes of a 45 minute race, we got the bell, the race being shortened for the rain. I came around the final turn in 5th wheel or so, two of those guys having a slight gap.  The sprint actually went pretty well considering how much work I had done, and I fought it out (and lost) to one other guy.  So second place first outing on the new bike.

The ride back was like the twilight zone because the fog was so dense. I could see so little that oftentimes couldn’t recognize where I was or when turns were coming up.  It needs to rain less up here.

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