Matt Nathanson and Rick Springfield

So Matt Nathanson is one of my favorite musicians.  And I was recently looking for a certain recording of the song “Princess” which is a really clever cover of Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl”.  And the way in which it is clever is that it’s not just a cover, Nathanson has actually changed the song a fair bit well at least the lyrics.  It’s a fun listen.  Well the version which I was looking for was more banter than music, it was Matt giving props to Springfield for not sueing him for ripping off his song.  Turns out it wasn’t “Princess” I was looking for, it was the banter at the end of “Curve of the Earth” from his live show at Recher Theatre on 10/3/2008. has the whole show here.  The banter goes something like this:

“This song sounds like, I know we’ve talked about this before, I just want to let everybody know it’s new.  Don’t look at your buddy in the middle of the song and be like “Dude, this f*ing sounds like he ripped off Jesse’s Girl”, like I know I did.  I don’t need any of you junior problem solvers to make me feel like shit.  Let’s give it up for Rick Springfield for not suing me yet.  I am not yet successful enough for Rick Springfield to come after me.  So let’s try to make this a better world so I can get the shit sued out of me, what’d you think?”

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