Apartment Woes in NY

So due in no small part to my troubles with my current management company I am in the middle of searching for a new apartment.  I’ve had a lot of bad experiences in housing in New York, so I feel like I’m pretty cautious at this point.  It’s worth checking out a broker you might be using, or a management company/landlord.  Just google the address of a building, or a phone number of a broker, or the brokerage agency.  You’ll find all sorts of useful information.  I have an upcoming appointment about a broker/no fee apartment (building pays the fee) with “best apartments” (the name is too similar “stellar management” for me to feel totally at ease with this).  So a few google searches unearth some interesting reviews.  They don’t have a great reputation, in fact they have a pretty amazingly poor reputation, so bad that I almost cancelled my apointment.  I’m still planning on going, I’m just not planning on giving them anything without some sort of assurance that what they say holds water, so to speak.  Anyways, far and away the best review of “best apartments” I have found:

Don’t try to intimidate me and don’t raise your voice.  Just don’t do it.  I might be small, but I am scrappy as hell and I will take you down, a*hole, kicking and screaming.  I realize your office looks like the dungeon of misery, but that doesn’t mean you get to take your frustration out on me.

Anyways the best apartments apartment (clearly their name has problems other than being structured similarly stellar management) is under renovation, which you would think would be a good thing, it means you’d move into a modern apartment where things work, and the appliances are shiny, blah, blah, blah.  However I interpret this in a very different way.  This means that you won’t necessarily have somewhere to live when your lease starts.  So what do you do in that case?  How can you make sure you’ll have somewhere to live?  I’m strongly considering attempting to move to a less desirable apartment just because it’s ready, as in ready today, and because the guy I dealt with was a total pleasure.  Anyways wish me luck with “best apartments”.


One Response to “Apartment Woes in NY”

  1. RYan Says:

    I think you are right on. My frustration drove me to build rateyourbroker.com to make sure people know what they are getting in to. It seems like people find brokers based of their listings (mostly fake) and then seem like they are stuck with them…shouldn’t people find a broker, and then work with them to get an apartment? How did this all get flip-flopped?

    Anyways, I came across your block via other sites and wanted to know if you would like to submit some of your articles related to Manhattan Apartments – Brokers etc… and we would publish them and allow you to link back to your blog etc..promote your site. I’m at a stage where I’m looking for content and would gladly publish your site promotion on my site at no charge.

    let me know


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