Lease Day

I signed a lease! Friday actually so I’ll have somewhere to live.  It’s absolutely shocking how people speak as if the actual wording and meaning of the lease is above you because they assume you’re uneducated.  In fact they’re not hard to follow, they’re terribly written, sometimes not making any sense and rife with typos and other mistakes but not fundamentally complicated documents.  So that’s one thing.

In my newfound time after getting that mostly wrapped up I’ve started to look for my cycling legs out on the road again.  I feel tired but I seem able to put in a pretty good effort when I want to.  I’m excited to get some more cat 3 races under my belt, especially ones that aren’t overrun with legit pro riders looking to collect prize money.

The downside of the move is that the apartment most likely won’t be ready by the time my current lease expires.  Also why is it that leases end on the 31st and new leases start on the first.  I feel like these things should be negotiable, because otherwise anyone who’s moving will be homeless for at least a night when they move.  Also in more complaining about “Stellar Management”, they gave me a huge amount of trouble when I wanted to stay one extra night (paid for of course), saying this is not a hotel.  Really?  After I’ve been living there for 2 years, which for a young person is a long time to live in any one spot.

The new place not being ready means I’ll be moving my stuff there on one day then existing in limbo until it’s ready to move in.  I really hope it doesn’t take long, but in the interim I need to find somewhere to put my pet fish.  This could be real trouble, but I’m planning now and hoping for the best.


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