Folding at Home

So I’ve recently been trying to set up folding at home. Actually on two different machines and I haven’t been terribly successful. The first machine is a very fast quad core machine living at my parent’s house. I had previously overclocked the q9550 to 3.7 or so GHz. I ended up getting some computation errors, which I believe are due to the degree of the overclock. I don’t have physical access to the machine so I have to wait a bit before someone can back it off for me. The second machine is a machine at my office, and I have actually been having troubles getting it to successfully connect to the collection server to turn in completed work units. I have attempted to set up a proxy and hopefully that solves that problem. But I still haven’t seen if it will work.

System 1: q9550 @ 3.655 GHz, problem is mistakes in computation, plan is to slow down the clock speed by 5% or so to 3.485 GHz, and I’ll see how that settles it.
System 2: E7200 @ 2.53GHz, problem is firewall, we’ll see if the proxy helps matters any

I would love to try building a machine that could collect more than 10k ppd. After looking into the issue a bit it appears that an i7 based machine is only marginally more expensive than a core2quad based machine. So I would of course be leaning that way. Though I think I could give the components some time to decrease in price. Also it seems the sweet spot for a gpu folding is the $100 mark. Of course the $500 cards could fold better, but I’d never consider spending that much on just folding, since I’m not much of a gamer. The plan would be an i7 and then two 9800 GT cards, aiming to balance the somewhat competing goals of cost, speed (points per day), and energy consumption.

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