Can’t Click in Flash using Ubuntu x64 9.10 (karmic), try this

By the way, I strongly recommend getting the updated x64 bit flash instead. Instructions for that given here.

Update: there is an even newer version available here.

sudo gedit /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
Add this before the last line of text “export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1”, then save and restart firefox.

Note this is only for x64 machines/installs.

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57 Responses to “Can’t Click in Flash using Ubuntu x64 9.10 (karmic), try this”

  1. max Says:

    Worked for me.

  2. edd Says:

    worked for me also; cheers!

  3. ales Says:

    I tried reinstalling flash like some threads on various forums suggested, it didn’t help much. Your solution is simply beautiful and works like a charm! Thanks!!

  4. swaraj Says:

    such an easy fix, thanks

  5. kofran Says:

    Thank you very much :D

  6. Gabriel C. Stabel Says:

    I still having trouble in some sites… like this:

    It used to work, when I was using Jaunty.


    • Gabriel C. Stabel Says:

      Now it wokrs! :)
      I saw an example, so I put the export line one line before the end (and restart it). The file become like this:

      export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1
      . /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/noarch/npviewer

      I don’t know if it was a coincidence… but now it’s working.

  7. børge Says:

    This worked for me too. Thank you so much! It’s been driving me crazy. Why doesn’t Adobe or Canonical send out an update with this very small change in it!?

  8. Geo Says:

    many thanks, I had tried many fixes, and this is the only one that worked!

  9. Gregory McGill Says:

    thanks! this worked great!

  10. linuxwarrior Says:

    Exactly what I needed, thanks you rock!.

  11. Meuhcoin Says:

    Thank you, I was bothered by this problem since I installed Karmic. To think it was just one line to add to a obscure file…
    Well, anyway, thanks again!

  12. Says:

    Thanks, you’re the man! :)

  13. Scott Edmondson Says:

    Thanks! Works perfectly.

    Hey can you explain a little bit about why this is necessary? I’m assuming it means that Adobe’s npviewer doesn’t properly support the latest GDK that comes in Karmic?


  14. andrew Says:

    wow! this worked, thanks!!

  15. Matt Says:

    well done, that did the trick! just exactly what I was looking for. woot.

  16. franky Says:

    worked perfect for me. Thanks!

    Linux 2.6.31-16-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux

  17. Juan Says:


  18. online roulett Says:

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  19. sohlside Says:

    This worked for Chrome also.

  20. Flash fix for Ubuntu 9.10 x64 « Says:

    […] doing everything 9.04 x64 did. Was having issues with Flash not letting me click but I ran across this fix. Worked like a charm. The Op says it’s for Firefox but I used it for Chrome (Chromium) and it […]

  21. Robert Says:

    Legend, at last it works!

  22. GonzoDark Says:

    This worked like a charm! ;)

    thanks a lot mate, I will use this on my blog

  23. Richard Says:

    Fixed it for me! Of course, I had to reread the instructions and put the new line BEFORE the final line as you say, so it took me two tries. But I am getting old and slow.

    Well done.

  24. Pongkiat Says:

    Thanks a lot, it also work for me.
    This is very annoying problem.

  25. v1nsai Says:

    works! Thanks a bunch, maybe someday we can ditch Adobe and use gnash or swfdec for flash.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    worked awesomely, thanks

  27. Anon Says:

    Thank You!
    I’ve disabled linux mint custom flash addon for firefox in package manager, because I was having some trouble with that. Then installed flash-plugininstaller and flash-nonfree and i got the same problem you guys report here.

    Tested this simple change at it worked, Linux Mint 8 “Helena” X64.

    Thank you!

  28. Grant Says:

    Thanks so much! I have tried almost everything out there. My 32bit karmic had no problems but nothing worked for 64bit. This worked like a charm!

  29. Mark Says:

    Thank you so much!

  30. shane Says:

    Thanks this was really bugging me! I appreciate the fix!


  31. Danny Says:

    In a word, awesome. Thanks so much. Works with the latest as well.

  32. A.rnaud Says:

    Worked here too, by putting the line, one above the end as in the post.

    Thanks !

  33. Flavio Says:

    Thanks!!! Worked for me…

  34. Lineaire Says:

    Et pour les Français…

    Dans Applications/Accessoires Lancer un terminal puis :
    sudo gedit /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
    Ajouter ceci avant la dernière ligne de texte :
    “export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1″,
    (Sans les guillemets !) Sauvegardez et redémarrez Firefox.

    Note : Cela ne concerne que les machines en x64 bits.
    En passant je vous recommande fortement d’installer la mise à jour de Flash x64 bits en suivant les instructions ci-dessous


  35. Miles Says:

    This has flummoxed me for awhile since I love flash games. This fixed the problem instantly. Thanks for the fix.

  36. Shane Fagan Says:

    Turning off compiz works too.

    • Joseph Says:

      As does not using flash, or using windows… but of course any of these solutions are in fact workarounds and prevent you from using the machine in the way you would like to.

  37. Koen De Bruyne Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    How did you come to this easy and elegant solution??

  38. Jader Disa Says:

    It worked for me!
    Ubuntu 10 Lucid Lynx amd64

  39. Zequez Says:

    You are my hero! Now I can click on play in Megavideo and see LOST!!! =D

  40. No puedo dar clic en Flash usando Ubuntu « El tux Angelverde Says:

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  41. jasper Says:

    Thx, it works brilliantly.

  42. Josh Says:

    So simple, so elegant, worked perfectly.

    Thank you, good sir.

  43. No puedo dar clic en Flash usando Ubuntu « Robysottini's Blog Says:

    […] suerte la solución es simple, abrimos una terminal y […]

  44. Hamel Kothari Says:

    If you’re still having this problem and that fix doesn’t work, I found a similar fix that will work if you’re not using Ubuntu it’s on my blog at:

  45. jimmy Says:

    Thx very much! I fixed my problem!

  46. strAlan Says:

    Thank you very much – fixed here as well :D

  47. BryanFRitt Says:

    I had the same problem with clicking on Flash in Firefox on KUbuntu 10.04 and this solution fixes the problem for me.
    Do K/Ubutnu developers know about this problem/solution?

    • Joseph Says:

      Problem isn’t so much with ubuntu as it is with flash, and the new version of flash has fixed the issue (speaking of which if you used the work around instead of getting the beta, please get the beta). Though adobe seems to have stopped developing 64 bit flash and since it’s not open that’s a little bit of a bind. So the ways forward are an open flash player, or an open flash player, or hope that adobe decides to do something. Oh non-free software… but you have to admit flash is pretty cool. But perhaps it’s best, given that the last hacker contest made all OS’es look like steel vaults, and flash look like a pasta strainer.

  48. LiteralKa Says:

    I fucking love you.

  49. bart Says:

    I had this problem with Flash 10,1,82,76 straight from the Ubuntu repo. Also this is the latest number Adobe is offering.
    So, I don’t know which version you are suggesting to use.
    Ubuntu 10.04 64bit btw.

    But this workaround is terrific! It works perfect!!
    Not being able to click was a real pain in the ass on a pure flash bicycle routeplanner I’m using. (Several times right clicking helped sometimes)
    Also scroll wheel to zoom works now.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  50. Tata Calu Says:

    Thank You !!!
    This has been bugging me for months!

    [by the way worked on Ubuntu 10.04]

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