Flash broke again

Update: Even newer flash player available here.

So I decided to give the true 64 bit flash a go. I ran over to adobe, and grabbed this file, then it’s just untar and drop libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ . That’s the install, make sure you get rid of any previous versions of flash before doing this. No more npviewer to lock up either. Though it looks like the cpu load of firefox has increased somewhat to make up for the lacking npviewer, but it seems firefox is still less resource intensive than old firefox + npviewer.

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3 Responses to “Flash broke again”

  1. Can’t Click in Flash using Ubuntu x64 9.10 (karmic), try this « A Story Worth Telling Says:

    […] way, I strongly recommend getting the updated x64 bit flash instead.  Instructions for that given here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Flash broke againInstall flash on Redhat […]

  2. Diogo Says:

    Awsome!! Works perfect :D Solved a million problems ;)

  3. 解决ubuntu x64下flash点击无响应问题 Says:

    […] 请参考以下两条解决办法,它们分别来自这里以及这里。 1、执行以下命令: 1 sudo gedit […]

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