A Few Changes

First saw Avatar earlier this week.  Fantastic.  Taken both as a movie and as a platform to show off fancy graphics and new technology.  They spent more than 1000 cpu hours on each second of CGI footage.  That’s some serious number crunching.  Anyways if you haven’t seen it I recommend it highly.  I only wish it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Of course part of that is likely my fault for seeing it in IMAX 3-d (totally worth it nonetheless).  Great story, beautiful visuals.  It was a bit long, but exciting the whole way through.  I wonder if someday there will be 3-d tv shows.  Anyways it prompted a few movies to make the jump to 3-d namely the upcoming Harry Potter 7a and 7b, Clash of the Titans (looks amazingly awful), and Prince of Persia (at least I believe).

Next my router (WRT54G4X or something like that) seemed to have crapped out.  Anyways updating the firmware as well as screwing with some settings seems to have solved the problem.  It appears that the router can do hardware compression (I don’t understand how this setting is disabled by default).  But anyways things seem to be rolling along a bit smoother now.

The router thing got me thinking and I’m now testing dnsmasq.  I wish I could find a way of adding the say top 100 sites I visit to a hosts like file.  Or perhaps just getting a record of all the hostnames I request.  It would be convenient to add all those advertisers to a hosts file pointing to

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