The start of a new season

This weekend was the start of a new season.  Or perhaps two, those being the cycling season and spring.  It was 50+ degrees both days during the weekend, and I even picked up the years first sunburn (or perhaps a suntoast?).  There were the traditional triad of Rutgers races, a short tt, a crit and a circuit race.  I put up a reasonable time in the tt, nothing to be proud of, but nothign to be ashamed of either.  I suffered during the crit, but finished with the main bunch (more or less), and the circuit race went much the same way as the crit.  Hopefully this week I’ll get in some quality miles and next week will go slightly better.  But I think today is a day off, with perhaps some core exercises and an outside possibility of trying to annoy the neighbors on the rollers.  I plan on sometime gettting a yoga mat or floor mat like what they have at the gym to see if I can prevent the entire building from shaking.  But for the time being I will continue to be annoying.

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