More Racing

Another race weekend down.  And what a tough one.  I figure most people on the team were outside for pretty nearly 12 hours (some even more) on Saturday.  Which wouldn’t really be so extraordinary if it weren’t for the weather on Saturday being so foul, cold, driving rain, and winds of up to 50 mph.  Seriously.  I raced.  Twice.  Anyways the racing on the first day was again more an exercise in following wheels than anything else.  I need to log some miles so that this racing bit is more fun.  Anyways, it was an experience.  Though enough people either dropped out of the 3 field or got shelled before I did that I got a 10th place finish.  The second day, someone decided to give me a leadout and never one to turn down charity I of course accepted, and rolled in for a third place.

Grant's Tomb B field

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