Another Week of Racing

So this is delayed (coming on Wednesday after the weekend).  Not the best weekend of racing.  I put up a reasonable time trial, but I think more on the strength of being a disciplined and technically proficient rider than on having a huge engine.  Anyways still need more miles.  The crit was actually going reasonably, I mean I came around the final turn in maybe 7th wheel, I feel like I was about to be engulfed by all the people behind me sprinting, but who knows.  Anyways someone in front of me sprinted from left to right, and I got caught in the pile-up.  Not fun.  A little bit of roadburn and a sore knee to show for it.  So I suppose that’s not too bad.  Perhaps I should not have lined up for the road race the next day, I was a feeling a little off from the roll out.  I was able to bluff for the first few laps, but eventually my weakness became apparent and I got popped off the back.  Rode the rest of the race with a fellow from Brown.

This weekend I’m looking at doing some local racing.  It’ll be nice to be home earlier in the days.  And, knee allowing, I will also get in some solid training miles.

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