Oh Power Meters (and HTC incredible)

Ok, I think it would be fantastic to have a power meter, but I’m not willing to drop nigh on 4k for an SRM, nor am I thrilled by the idea of more wheels floating around and a powertap hub (which would still set me back $900 for the wheel and $550 or so for a fancy computer).  The idea of the metrigear vector is appealing, but of course it’s delayed indefinitely.  But when it does eventually roll around it’s going to be quite clever.  So far what it has going for it is that it weighs almost nothing and it doesn’t add terribly much complexity to the bicycle.  Of course it’s still going to require buying one of those fancypants expensive ant computer (a la garmin edge).  See what little info there is to see about the vector at metrigear’s site.

Speaking of things that are indefinitely delayed the HTC incredible is in the category.  People keep claiming it’s going to be released imminently, but this of course is pure speculation.  There’s no guarantee that it will ever be released.   That said, I’m due for an upgrade phone from verizon and there’s currently nothing too appealing.

Update:  The HTC incredible is now sort of scheduled for an April 29th release.  We’ll see if that in fact happens.

One Response to “Oh Power Meters (and HTC incredible)”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Oh, and the HTC incredible release date is now rumored to be the 29th of this month (3 weeks from now). We’ll see if it’s around on the 30th.

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