Dollar Savings Direct and

So verges on being an incredibly useful tool.  However, it’s whole appeal is that you can see what all your finances are doing all in one place.  Of course, if you have 3 different bank accounts, or 4, or 5… And you can only add 2 of these, then it becomes a significantly less cool tool.  My problem is that I can’t even find DollarSavingsDirect to try to add it, which is strange, because there are a lot of people talking about using mint with their DollarSavingsDirect accounts.  I’m going to keep checking in occasionally, and this may be the bump that I needed to move my savings to a higher APY bank that is also listed by mint.  Interestingly Yodlee is also able to add two of my three bank accounts, but they’re a different two.  So clearly it’s possible to have all one’s transactions in one spot, it just seems people are botching it up.

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