An Exciting Few Weeks for Movies

So three films which I am quite excited about are coming out in the next month. Unfortunately I only like about 4 films a year, so this means the rest of the year is due to be pretty quiet. But first we have the movies.

Iron Man 2 – Comes out 5/7. I really enjoyed the first one. It walked a line somewhere in between jest and seriousness. I thought Star Trek was sort of just making fun of itself the entire time, which was sort of annoying but I suppose I should give it another shot.
Robin Hood – 5/14. A lot of people are complaining that this is just Gladiator. Really what’s wrong with that. Gladiator was one of the best films ever. Russel Crowe & Ridley Scott. Good vs Evil. Count me in.
Prince of Persia – 5/28. Yes it’s made by disney. But so was Pirates of the Caribbean. And I think this film is going to be pretty similar to that in flavor. Maybe a bit more action and a bit less special effects. And the girl, Gemma Arterton, is unfathomably attractive.

That might be it for the year.  But those ones look like they’re going to be quite a bit of fun.

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