Google Maps Mouse Scrolling

Update: mouse scrolling at google is back in action. All is well in the world.

So google maps zooming by mouse scroll wheel has met its demise, which is truly tragic. Perhaps just because I was used to using it, as there seems to have been a vocal minority that was quite annoyed by it (which doesn’t make sense, if you don’t like it just don’t use it). That and they redid the image search results layout. Between the two (and not having boxes to check to keep the old behavior, which is truly tragic). I decided to give bing another go. So first it was off to bing maps. Which has mouse-wheel scrolling. I was like awesome, then I went to the place that I was looking at on google maps. I’m looking for the place I saw on google maps. Still looking. The island didn’t make the cut. Awesome. So bing fails. Awesome mouse scrolling on their maps, and very pretty maps. They’re just missing a few little things (like maps that actually reflect reality). Any other suggestions?

Also I’m really torn here. I sort of love google, and I hate trying something else.

I’m now looking at mapquest (of old), which is so sold out to holiday inn it’s annoying. I mean, is it possible I might be looking for something other than holiday inn? It’s like looking for books on stingrays and having the library pull up all books on either stingrays or the civil war. Because the civil war is historically very interesting and who wouldn’t be interested in it. If I were looking for holiday inn’s (or the civil war), maybe I wouldn’t use “stingray” as my search term. Evil. Also mapquest, instead of saying “we don’t have imagery at that level”, samples surrounding images at that zoom and clones it. How’s that make sense. Totally erased the islands I was looking for, they exist as a sort of hazy tint, on amazingly clear cloned images of waves. Point in favor of mapquest, the islands make the cut on the map view (not in the satellite view, which is weird, because the reverse is true on bing, i.e. they have photos but they didn’t put it on the map, which makes sense, since photos are the ones that you “start with” in mapping).


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