apt-fast with preview, autocompletion and installer script

There were a few things that were preventing me from adopting use of Matt Parnell’s apt-fast wrapper for apt-get.
1) no preview of action – i.e. when I install a package, it downloads all the files before it tells me what it would be doing, if it’s going to install packages I don’t want I don’t want to waste the time downloading the packages.
2) no autocompletion – was the library libexifjpeg62-0-dev or libexifjpeg62.0-dev, now you don’t have to know
3) there was no easy method of installing (not that that was much of an impediment), it was really the first two.

Anyways, I’ve made some modifications and now it supports all 3, that is preview of action before download, autocompletion of both action names and package names, and an installer script. Everything tested on some variant of *buntu. You can find the mods here.


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