VLC d-bus documentation

Because I had to search far and wide, here are some vlc dbus methods, I can’t quite get all of them to work.

/ – identify the player
/TrackList – get the tracklist
GetMetadata : Gives all meta data available for element at given position in the “TrackList”
GetCurrentTrack : Position of Current URI in the “TrackList”
GetLength : Number of elements in the “TrackList”
AddTrack : Appends an URI in the “TrackList”, play it immediately if the 2nd argument is TRUE
DelTrack : Removes an URI from the “TrackList”, given its position
/Player – ?
Next : Goes to the next element (what if we’re at the end?)
Prev : Goes to the previous element (what if we’re at the beginning?)
Pause : If playing : pause. If paused : unpause. If stopped : start playing
Stop : Stop playing.
Play : If playing : rewind to the beginning of current track, else : start playing.
Quit : Makes the “Media Player” exit.
GetStatus : Return the status of “Media Player”: 0 = Playing, 1 = Paused, 2 = Stopped.
VolumeSet : Sets the volume (argument must be in [0;100])
GetVolume : Returns the current volume (must be in [0;100])
PositionSet : Sets the playing position (argument must be in [0;100])
PositionGet : Returns the playing position (must be in [0;100])

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