Temporary/Disposable Email Addresses

Just need to get a confirmation code for a silly website that you hope to only use once in your life & trying to minimize spam? Here are a couple of easy to use temporary email providers:

Dispostable – This one is great, because you can choose your email address.  Clean reliable interface.

Mailinator – Seems to receive more spam than dispostable, might be because more people use it, but it means if you pick a popular name (like bobjones@mailinator.com), there might be a handful of messages already there and you have to search through them to find the one you want.  Gives neat suggested email addresses (no idea how they generate them).  They seem kind of plausible.

Guerrillamail – You don’t get to pick your own email address here, but it does seem to work. Email addresses (which are random) are at the sharklazers domain (which is awesome).  Allows you to compose messages as well, and happens over https which is kind of neat, but again someone else doesn’t need your password, they only need the address, to read your inbox.

Fakeinbox – Seems to take a very proactive approach to removing old messages, which is good in that no one else ends up with your email (granted you shouldn’t use this service for anything that you wouldn’t consider public). You do get to choose your email address.  All emails end in fakeinbox.com.

Spamgourmet – This one is a little more complicated.  Requires registration (which defeats half the purpose of a disposable email address), but you can create an arbitrary number of email address, each with a possibly different number of fowards to your true email address before it “expires”.  You should swing by to check it out.  All email addresses end in spamgourmet which is too bad.

Trashmail.net – Annoying in that it requires a forwarding address & the website requires flash.  It can provide up to 10 forwards over the course of a month, more if you register.  They offer some alternative domain names for email addresses since trashmail looks like a fake email address.  They also offer a firefox addon, though I haven’t tried it.  On the whole the site is a little too much bells & whistles for me.

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