SphinuxOS now with 150% more speed

There is at the present a news story that is making big ripples in very small puddles. Namely some Egyptian coders claim to have a new OS which is 150% faster than linux, while using 1/3 the memory (depending on how you interpret their English). Being somewhat technically inclined I decided to give it a test drive. You can see a (long) video here, here are some of my first impressions:

Comes with apt-get, sudo, some other Debian like things

Huge image size (2.5gb)
Gparted without much guidance
Only KDE (no gnome, xfce, other)
Difficult to build packages (pkg-config is broken)
Lacks polish (firefox installed by default, but outside path)
Meh performance (in a virtualbox), would be a meh, but if you’re going to make fantastic claims I’m going to judge more harshly.

Average download speed
Install is reasonably easy


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