Making and applying patches

This is actually something quite simple, so simple in fact that there is not much documentation for it. Anyways, to make the patch:

diff -urN file.orig file.modified > file.patch

then to turn a copy of file.orig into file.modified

patch file.orig file.patch

And then file.orig is updated to match file.modified.

Update: Or you could just git.


Shotwell and Diffs

I’m fairly familiar with cvs, less so with svn. And patches have always made me feel a little uneasy. But I’d like to try contributing to a few different open source projects (especially shotwell) and in order to do so effectively patching is the name of the game. So I found this quite useful and practical howto and this possibly less useful but interesting story which shares at least a few superficial similarities to my own. Off to figure out how to improve shotwell.