Top Disney Songs

Credit to Alan Menken to a surprising number of these. Also to be considered the music from the newest film “Tangled”, namely “Something that I Want”.

Whole New World

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast (song)
Be Our Guest

The Jungle Book
Bare Necessities

The Lion King
Can you Feel the Love Tonight
Circle of Life
Hakuna Matata

The Little Mermaid
Kiss the Girl
Part of your World
Under the Sea


When you Wish upon a Star

Colors of the Wind

Sleeping Beauty
Once upon a Dream

You’ll be in my Heart


An Exciting Few Weeks for Movies

So three films which I am quite excited about are coming out in the next month. Unfortunately I only like about 4 films a year, so this means the rest of the year is due to be pretty quiet. But first we have the movies.

Iron Man 2 – Comes out 5/7. I really enjoyed the first one. It walked a line somewhere in between jest and seriousness. I thought Star Trek was sort of just making fun of itself the entire time, which was sort of annoying but I suppose I should give it another shot.
Robin Hood – 5/14. A lot of people are complaining that this is just Gladiator. Really what’s wrong with that. Gladiator was one of the best films ever. Russel Crowe & Ridley Scott. Good vs Evil. Count me in.
Prince of Persia – 5/28. Yes it’s made by disney. But so was Pirates of the Caribbean. And I think this film is going to be pretty similar to that in flavor. Maybe a bit more action and a bit less special effects. And the girl, Gemma Arterton, is unfathomably attractive.

That might be it for the year.  But those ones look like they’re going to be quite a bit of fun.

A Few Changes

First saw Avatar earlier this week.  Fantastic.  Taken both as a movie and as a platform to show off fancy graphics and new technology.  They spent more than 1000 cpu hours on each second of CGI footage.  That’s some serious number crunching.  Anyways if you haven’t seen it I recommend it highly.  I only wish it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Of course part of that is likely my fault for seeing it in IMAX 3-d (totally worth it nonetheless).  Great story, beautiful visuals.  It was a bit long, but exciting the whole way through.  I wonder if someday there will be 3-d tv shows.  Anyways it prompted a few movies to make the jump to 3-d namely the upcoming Harry Potter 7a and 7b, Clash of the Titans (looks amazingly awful), and Prince of Persia (at least I believe).

Next my router (WRT54G4X or something like that) seemed to have crapped out.  Anyways updating the firmware as well as screwing with some settings seems to have solved the problem.  It appears that the router can do hardware compression (I don’t understand how this setting is disabled by default).  But anyways things seem to be rolling along a bit smoother now.

The router thing got me thinking and I’m now testing dnsmasq.  I wish I could find a way of adding the say top 100 sites I visit to a hosts like file.  Or perhaps just getting a record of all the hostnames I request.  It would be convenient to add all those advertisers to a hosts file pointing to

Happy February

On the list this week, not that you care.

Seeing Avatar – I seem to be the only person in the US and one of very few in the world who haven’t yet.  So I’m going to join the bandwagon and give my money to the industry.  I’ve heard it’s quite good, even from a few people who saw it in 2-d (who knows what they’re thinking).

Building a kitchen counter – If anyone knows how to seal wood let me know.  My plan is more or less to wander through home depot (love that place) and see what I can find.

Poker with the guys – pretty simple.

Riding bikes more – after spending a frigid weekend in Pennsylvania training, hopefully I’ll get out for some solid riding here.  It’d be nice to not get blown away the first race weekend.

Possibly visiting Alma in Brooklyn, with a nice girl, more for the view and the change of pace than the food, but perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

GSAC party, might conflict with poker so we’ll see about that one.