Firefox not remembering passwords and logins?

Try this, edit nsLoginManager.js, might live in a different place depending on your OS, but for me it lives in /usr/lib/firefox-#.#.##/components/nsLoginManager.js and find the function _isAutoCompleteDisabled, and change any “return true” statements to “return false”. Or if you’re feeling adventurous (i.e. you aren’t worried about having to revert) you can just make the whole function “return false”. Fixes this behavior on a few websites for me. Of course these sites usually do not remember passwords as a security precaution, so you have been warned.

For me, I do this, and then find the line of interest
find /usr/lib -xdev -iname nsloginmanager.js 2>/dev/null|\grep firefox|xargs sudo gedit


Make Craigslist Less Annoying

Do you have difficultly reading craigslist ads because everything is in all caps and has ridiculous punctuation designed to grab your attention. Try installing this greasemonkey script using firefox’s greasemonkey extension. The source is reasonably documented, so if you come across a special character that I didn’t put in there you should be able to remove it. Unfortunately this doesn’t help the ads make any more sense if they didn’t make sense in the first place.

After (the text only appears larger because wordpress downsizes the image less because it is less wide from having fewer characters, and fewer capital characters (which are wider in non-fixed width fonts)):

Greasemonkey firebug error

If you get a greasemonkey firefox error when running firefox try replacing your greasemonkey.js file with this one. It is the patched version according to this patch. You’re going to want to rename it to greasemonkey.js, I made it a text file just so if you wanted to look at it in a browser it would work fine. Then go to ~/.mozilla/firefox and do “locate greasemonkey.js” and change to the directory with the old one and replace it with this one. Those errors should go away.

This fixes the
Greasemonkey getFirebugConsole() error:
(new TypeError(“chromeWin.Firebug is undefined”, “file:///Users/<username>/Library/Application%20Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxx.default/extensions/%7Be4a8a97b-f2ed-450b-b12d-ee082ba24781%7D/components/greasemonkey.js”, 392))