Longest Fever I’ve Ever Had

Just took my temperature and I’m at 100.6, it’s Thursday.  Night.  I was at 100.9 on Monday.  Morning.  And before you say anything yes I’ve visited the doctor and I am following all their advice…  Being sick is not only uncomfortable but also rather boring.


Opening and Closing

I make a habit of always typing the opening and closing elements of a block before putting the contents in. As I like to nest things, this makes it easier for me to make sure everything is paired. For example, I will first write (), and then go back to it and put in the contents of the parens. Same with quotes, or a bunch of others. I just did it with a salutation and signature on an email, I’m not sure if this is a good thing.

Video Games Make You a Better Person?

According to this story we should all play more video games (except for those of us who already play too much). 21 hours a week (a whopping 3 hours a day) is the sweet spot. I’m certainly not going to hit that, but maybe I could shoot for a couple of hours a week. Apparently the effects are even better when playing with a teammate, so start picking teams.

Top Disney Songs

Credit to Alan Menken to a surprising number of these. Also to be considered the music from the newest film “Tangled”, namely “Something that I Want”.

Whole New World

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast (song)
Be Our Guest

The Jungle Book
Bare Necessities

The Lion King
Can you Feel the Love Tonight
Circle of Life
Hakuna Matata

The Little Mermaid
Kiss the Girl
Part of your World
Under the Sea


When you Wish upon a Star

Colors of the Wind

Sleeping Beauty
Once upon a Dream

You’ll be in my Heart

Subsconscious Subs of the Day

This is pretty much purely for my own convenience. Sorry.


roast beef
sausage & peppers parm

ultimate veggie

honey turkey
meatball parm

philly cheese steak
breaded chicken cutlet

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So, I was reading something and just stumbled upon a /proc/beer_list kept by someone else. This being a list of people owed beer by the owner of the file. I endorse this theory, but I disapprove of the file location. Perhaps it should be in ~/.local/share/beer_list. If only more things in life could be settled by a beer list.

Loud Music is Underrated

I don’t mean blasting it, but occasionally turn up the dials on your speakers some (this of course assumes you have reasonable speakers). You’ll hear all sorts of things you generally miss out on (but you may occasionally annoy your neighbors).