Printing to a hp 3600dn in ubuntu 11.04

I’ve always had a terrible time of printing to an hp3600 dn, either I would get pcl errors or weird colors, occasionally I’d even get the right number of pages printed but they’d all be blank. After a bit of hunting it seems I have found a solution. It’s a solution in multiple parts as there are multiple bugs. First, a few packages I recommend installing if you don’t have them already (formatted for command line so you can copy and paste):
sudo aptitude install libcups2-dev libcupsimage2-dev libdbus-1-dev libsane-dev libsnmp-dev libusb-dev python-dev python-qt4-dbus python-reportlab xsane

Then get the source to the libjpeg62 package, I according to this bug report there is an error in the makefile, so I was expecting to have to remove that flag, but I didn’t see the flag at all, so I just didn’t worry about it:
apt-get source libjpeg62

Change to the directory you just got:
cd libjpeg6b-6b1/

Make the makefile with all the proper options, you may have to install additional packages here:

Actually make and install:
sudo make install

You also should make sure that your user is in both the lp group and the lpadmin group.

Then I’d recommend deleting any printer you may have. Then start adding a printer, type in the ip address, the passthrough port is fine. Select hp for the brand, and hp3600* for the model (i.e. “color laserjet 3600dn” or whatever’s appropriate for your model). Finally in the program you’re actually printing from (in my case evince), make sure you haven’t altered the print quality setting (it will give a pcl error if you do, it should be set to normal). Double sided printing works, variable quality printing doesn’t, I also believe grayscale is on the no-go list. Anyways, hope that helps.


Printer Issues

Ever note the similarity between printer/router setup directions and console video game cheats. While pressing up arrow, press, a then b 7 times withing five seconds. WTF.

Printing to an Ubuntu machine from Windows

So I always run into the issue of which port to open up when attempting to figure out how to print to an ubuntu machine from windows. The answer: 631, find this information and other goodies here (the official guide to printing to an ubuntu machine from a windows machine).