Building XFCE from Git

I recently tried to build an XFCE package using the git source (because I wanted to apply a patch).  Something I couldn’t find except in an ancient mailing list archive, was that you frequently need to pass either autogen or configure “–enable-maintainer-mode”, I passed it to both just to be safe.  Have fun building xfce.


Alphabetize XFCE desktop icons

A little script that alphabetizes desktop icons in xfce, folders before files, and hides files with a ~ at the end or a . at the beginning (hides hidden files). You can grab it here.

Video thumbnails in Thunar

The thunar-thumbnailer packages have been retired and replaced by tumbler, but tumbler is quite unhelpful unless you also grab the tumbler-plugins-extra package. Now I happily have thumbnails for almost every file type on my machine that makes sense to thumbnail.